Play Cube Runner game.

Cube Runner will keep you on your toes and will quickly become addictive.

Cube Runner

In Cube Runner game your score will be displayed on the top left side of the screen, but you won't have enough time to see how many points you have because cubes will appear continuously. If you manage to go through a field of random cubes, they will start forming a specific shape for a while and after that they will appear at random again. If this happens for three times, the speed of the game will start to increase. You will travel much faster and the cubes will start being hallow. This will disorientate you and you will have a hard time getting through them. Cube Runner is a very exciting game and the only way to get a high score is by focusing on the cube field and reacting to changes as fast as you can. If you hit a cube, you will have to start over from the beginning of the game. If you need to take a break at any time during the game you can press the P key. If you use this function, be careful when you press the P key again because the game will start without warning. Cube Runner is one of the best games which require hand to eye coordination.